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About Logistica Africa Expo

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LOGISTICA AFRICA Expo One more step towards an ever more innovative and green logistics ecosystem!
June 25th -28th 2024.

By land, sea or later by air, the transport of goods and travelers has always rhymed with wealth! This is still the case today: transport constitutes a pillar of the economy. Much more than the acquisition of territories, today’s challenge centers on innovation. How to make our means of transport ever faster, safer and more environmentally friendly to conquer
New markets, attract new users and stay ahead?
Logistics & transport: on the way to the future!

LOGISTICA AFRICA will take place at ElKram expo center, Tunis, where local and foreign companies participate in more than 100 modules with products and services focused on the field of logistics and multimodal transport. LOGISTICA AFRICA, is an exemplary joint effort of the private and government sector, created to promote Tunisia as an important logistics route due to its privileged geographical position, so that the industry maintains growth, dynamism and innovation.

LOGISTICA AFRICA brings together all the innovative products and services in transport, the logistics industry and the Supply Chain.